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What is Mandrel Bending?

Mandrel Bending is to bend tubing without any distortions in the bend area. By the use of a mandrel inserted to the inside of the tube, the mandrel keeps the tubing inside diameter nearly round during the bend process. Other benders crush the tubing and the loss of flow area can be a minimum of 40%.  Mandrel Bending keeps the flow at 96-99%.

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Marman Flanges, what are they?

Marman flanges have been created in the 1940's by Herbert "Zeppo" Marx of the Marx Brother fame.  This flange was created to be simple yet be able to handle extreme pressures up to 3000 PSI associated with liquids and is superior to vacuum volume as well.  These were used during World War 2 as a fast disassembly of automobiles and aircraft. Without this ingenious assembly, the war would have certainly had a different outcome.  Currently, these are used on all diesel semi-trucks across the world as well as irrigation pipes, aircraft and these have even been used on the Space Shuttle Rocket Boosters . GBE Mandrel decided to manufacture these in smaller sizes to be able to handle the light exhaust pressures from automotive uses with ease.  Unlike the V-Bands, these DO NOT LEAK.  

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Mandrel Bends

Looking for Mandrel Bends?  Need them fast?  We not only make them but we ship them all over the world.  We carry Mandrel Bends in Mild Steel, Aluminized steel, 409 Stainless Steel and 304 Stainless Steel.  Looking for a no leak solution to the v-band?  Look no further.  We are the only manufacturer of 2-1/2" and 3" Marman flange assemblies.  Made in steel, Aluminized steel, 304 and 409 Stainless Steel.

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Mandrel Bending

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Mandrel Bending or Crush Bending?

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